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New Zealand
Original Canadian Flag

51 Squadron

Great Britain

His Majesty King George VI approved a goose volant in December 1937. It was chosen as a play on the word 'Anson', which the Squadron was flying when the badge was being designed, and ‘Anser’ which is the Latin word for Goose. As the goose is a fast day and night flyer and one of the heavier wild fowl, it was deemed appropriate for a Bomber Squadron.

51 Squadron Crest
51 Squadron Crest
Bomber Command Crest
Bomber Command Crest

Group Shot

The above picture was taken at R.A.F. Waddington during the 51 Squadron Anniversary May 15, 2016.


This years renuion was another great success and news to follow. 
The next reunion will be in May , 2017. Date To Follow.