Sadly, Cliff Sayner of Pollington and Eggbrough passed away recently and I attended a service at Pontefract Crematorium. Cliff has been one of our helpers for a long time and could often be found at the garden dealing with moles which were very destructive. He will be sadly missed. RIP Cliff.
I received a message, from the daughter in law of one of our veterans in Birmingham, George Hextell, who was in a hospital and had asked that we be given all his books, DVD’s etc. to sell and make money for the garden funds. At a convenient time, S/Ldr Hockley was intending paying a visit to Birmingham and kindly offered to collect the items. We talked about perhaps calling at the hospital to see George but sadly it was not possible and soon afterwards, George passed away. We have sold quite a few items and hope to sell more at the reunion. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the family for their help and kindness and also S/Ldr Hockley for his help.
Bill Hume of Canada was the last surviving member of the Bunny Clayton crew. Bill used to ring me occasionally to catch up on news of 51 Sqn and always praised Bunny and said he was the best pilot in 51 Sqn. After he passed away, his son asked me to find any news about his father’s service on 617 Sqn. I have tried but to no avail. Can anyone help me please?
Alistair and Ann Byres have put together a story of their trip through Netherlands, Germany and Poland which was tracing the journey of Alistair’s father, George, who was a pilot. Pdf files are available from Alistair at no charge and hard copies are available for £6 plus postage. Alistair’s address is Mr. A. Byres, Pinewood, Brucefield Road, Blairgowrie, PH10 6LA. A good read.
Basil William’s daughter has written a book about the crash at Barlow near Selby in which her father was involved. Similar story to the one which was written by Glenys Grantham whose father helped to save Basil. It is very informative.
Janet and Edwin Stocks of Pollington went to Las Vegas in the summer to visit friends. They arranged to call on Kae Pohe and family. When they arrived they were sad to see a coffin arriving at the house and it was being prepared to be transported to the farm in New Zealand where the family had grown up. They discovered that one of the sons had passed away and he was to be buried at the farm which is in the midst of being turned into a museum. Also, his mother, Elizabeth Pohe had fallen downstairs and broken her pelvis and was in hospital. I wrote a letter to Kae with condolences but have no further news.

Mr. Harker, owner of the airfield land has kindly offered to allow us to use his car park on reunion days and at all other times, he will arrange for us to have 5 places just through the gate of the car park, for our use.
The car park is on the left hand side of the roadway.

Some time ago, a lorry driver from Grimsby stopped to admire the garden. After a short discussion, he looked at some of the Snaith Knights books, said he would like some but could he send a cheque in payment as he did not have enough cash with him. He took details of amounts, emails, telephone numbers and addresses, but, to date, I have not seen the colour of his money!
A young man called Guy McElveny from Birmingham, wrote a book called The Stranger at the Window reflecting a story of a 578 Sqn person. The book costs £7.95.
Details available from Renee.

Jim Gardener, a former pilot of 51 sqn. has had a nasty fall and at the time of writing is in hospital but is making a recovery. I have written to him with all the latest news and hope he will soon be up and about again.
Bob Frost, who I think is our last 150 sqn veteran has spent a while in hospital recently but I hear from the Belgian chaps, that he is also making a good recovery and is staying with his friend in London, a former SOE lady.
Benny and his Belgian friends will be pleased to know that a plaque for the crew, who is buried in Belgium now, at last, has a place in the Memorial Garden at Snaith and which was paid for by funds from The Lancaster Association via Don McCarthy. It is hoped that Benny who is Chairman of the Planehunters will place the plaque at the next reunion.
There will be 3 more plaques to place in the garden at the reunion by relatives.
They are Alan Gaskill, Nat Newton and Sam Tait's Crew.
Phil Furner of New Zealand keeps in touch as does Bindert Helder of the Netherlands.
Bob Pickford still manages to visit the garden on the anniversary of being shot down and taken prisoner. He will be paying his usual visit in March, followed by a meal with some of his friends. Since writing, Bob has featured in our local rag, The Goole Times, telling his story when his crew was shot down,. There is a picture of him too at the garden with his wreath.
Geoff Flack’s daughter in Australia keeps her father up to date with information which I send to her. He is always keen to hear about the garden. He was a pilot. I am still waving to you Geoff!
At the time of writing, I have just heard that Wing Co (Ret’d) Barry Jones has passed away. He was ex OC51 squadron.
As I was about to write an apology from Alun Emlyn Jones OBE, I have received news from Julie, his wife, that he has sadly passed away a few days after having had a stroke. His funeral will be on 27th March, family flowers only but if anyone wishes to give a donation the money will go to Prudence Emlyn-Jones prize for music and dance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama care of Green Willow Funerals, Eclipse House, Coronation Road, Cardiff CR14 4QY. RIP Grem.
2357 Squadron ATC had a Presentation evening recently and a good evening was enjoyed by all. Well done to one and all. Thank you for all your help.
That’s it for now folks. See you all in May. Take Care.
Renee and the gang.


Dear Friends,

A number of changes have taken place here recently since the last reunion prior to which I was not well. I asked for some help but Mick, the gardener was going into hospital to have an operation for a new hip, Tim and Philippa were moving house to be nearer Tim’s job up north and councillor Fox who is Vice Chair of East Riding C.C, was doing two jobs as the Chairman had been taken ill.
The only way I could see to get some help was to call a meeting to get more people on the committee. I arranged an AGM for 26th Jan 2017. I informed the Chairman, Alan Davies who then arranged a committee meeting for a Sat. in Dec at 7 pm . I informed him I could not attend as I was still clearing up after the reunion and was sending out 87 Xmas cards and thank you letters for donations etc. Councillor Fox said likewise and sent apologies and Air Commodore Jones, patron, owing to his work for RAF,
was also unable to attend. The committee meeting went ahead with the 2 members who were unable to carry on and the Chairman promptly and without warning, disbanded the committee and resigned.
Hence, the AGM took place as arranged and with a room full of people wanting to help and all with positive attitudes. With Councillor Fox and Air Commodore Jones in charge, a new committee was elected as follows:
Chairman:  John Staveley-Churton, Vice Chairman:  Peter Gulliver, Treasurer:  Richard Lyons, Secretary: Renee Ounsley, Assistant Secretary:  Margaret Cromack,
Committee, Councillor. C. Fox, Mr. J. Wilson, (Kelkay).
Adrian Owen and Air Comm. Jones, Patron.
Florist: Mrs. G. Thorp, Gardeners: Mr. S. Heslop and Mr. D. Boasman, Mr. S. Wright, Mr. S. Jones, Mr. J. Jones, Mr. A. Grantham, Mr. E. Toone, Mr. & Mrs. E. Stocks, Mrs. K Weaven, David Frost, ATC. Mrs. Lyons, Debra Gulliver, Andrew Newton, File Leader Graphics.

Mrs. R. Ounsley, Secretary.
Field View,
2 Cowick Road,
Snaith, Goole,
East Yorkshire
DN14 9DW
Tel.01405 860573
The next reunion will take place on Sunday 14th May 2017.
10:45 hrs.              Service at Pollington church.
                            Seats to be taken by 10:35 hrs. please.
12:00 hrs.              Short Service at the airfield.
                            Dedication of plaques and wreath laying
                            Last Post played by Gabriel Snowden.
13:00 hrs.              Buffet lunch at the Village Hall.
Tear off and return………………………………………………
I require…………….lunches at…………….per head.

Veterans of 51 Sqn and 150 Sqn FREE
Names of visitors…………………………………………………
Please return to Mrs. R. Ounsley not later than Monday 1st.May 2017.
Lunches must be paid for at the time of ordering.
It is imperative you order a lunch if you require one.
Please make cheques payable to PAMGC and not to any individual.
Wreaths may be ordered from Mrs. G. Thorp tel no.01405 860495
and must be paid for when ordering.