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Hi my name is George Tait Stewart and I am the Web Master for This web site was created and launched back in December 1999 to honour 51 Squadron and my late Uncle Sgt. Sam Tait, who was a Flight Engineer on Halifaxs which flew out of Pollington Airfield During World War II.

Through my Uncle and this web site I was put in contact with a lovely lady by the name of Renee Ounsley, who was the secretary of the Pollington Airfield Memorial Gardens at the time. Upon my first visit to the gardens I was so impressed that I later requested that my Uncle's ashes be interred there and they placed a plaque to commemorate him.

Over the years I have met people from all around the world and Renee and I have become very good friends along with Mick and Isabel Hesp and we try and keep in touch by telephone every Sunday. My wife Paula and I try and get over to England every other year to visit the Gardens and of course to see dear friends.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and helping to 

                           "Keep Their Memory Alive"

The only way to improve this site is by comments from you however good or bad they may be.

Thank you

Thanks! Message sent.

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