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English To French Dictionary ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download For Windows 7 16

  • 2.9.0 is released (2013-03-20)Support Windows 8

  • Support cursor translation in IE10

  • Support cursor translation in Firefox 19

  • Support cursor translation in Chrome 25

  • 2.8.1 (2011-11-01)Provides a dictionary import and export functions

  • Support cursor translator more fluently in IE9, Firefox6, Chrome 14

  • Mini windows

  • Innovative zoned word translator can translate as many as 23 languages of text into your native language(or other language)

  • Natural voice can perfectly pronounce word just like a native English speaker.

  • Provide plugin for Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Support cursor translator more fluently in Firefox 3

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english to french dictionary download for windows 7 16

Download File:


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