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Islamic Jurisprudence Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee Pdf 19

thus, the study of the islamic sources is essential to any understanding of islamic law. the second section covers the sources of law in the islamic jurisprudence, or usul al-fiqh. the third section covers the methodology of jurisprudence, or, in other words, the principles of the islamic jurisprudence. as to the discipline of jurisprudence, he first showed that there were three ways of knowing the law: the law of revelation, the law of analogy and the law of reason. the law of revelation is the only source of valid law for a muslim. the law of analogy is the only source of valid law for the jurists, as they rely on the law of revelation, but in the absence of the law of revelation. the law of reason is the only source of valid law for non-muslims, who are obliged to follow the revealed law, but not the law of analogy. after this overview of the sources of law, nyazee devoted his attention to the methodology of jurisprudence. in the islamic jurisprudence, the methodology of jurisprudence is a precondition for the formulation and application of the law. it is a method of seeking and finding the law, namely the quranic law and the sunnah. the methodology of jurisprudence distinguishes between the objectives of law and the manner of its implementation. the objectives of the law are clear and distinct. the manner of its implementation is different. the form of law is different from the substance of the law. the law of revelation is clear and distinct, while the law of analogy and reason are not. the first section of this book covers the classical contributions to the methodology of islamic jurisprudence.

islamic jurisprudence imran ahsan khan nyazee pdf 19



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