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[VIDEO] WATCH How Shani Louk was Kidnapped and Killed by Hamas Terrorist Twitter Reddit TikTok Full Video


Family of Shani Louk, woman Hamas took to Gaza, confirm she was killed

The young Israeli-German woman was initially believed to have been kidnapped in attack on Supernova music festival

A young Israeli-German woman whose fate became indelibly associated around the globe with the Hamas massacre and mass kidnapping rampage of 7 October was killed during the attack, her family has said.

Shani Louk, aged 22, was initially believed to have been kidnapped alive during Hamas’s assault on a music festival in Re’im, after she was paraded semi-naked through Gaza, apparently unconscious on the back of a pickup truck.

On Monday, however, Louk’s sister Adi confirmed that Shani had died, probably during the attack, after the discovery of human remains that suggested injuries that would not have been survivable.


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