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The Freya combines two classic drive circuits, a low-to-mid-gain overdrive and a transparent high headroom boost, each with its own footswitch. The low-mid gain overdrive section has three clipping voices selected using a three-way swiutch: a smooth bluesy breakup sound, an open and a more focused boost to push the front-end of an already dirty amp channel and a mid-rich lead tone. A lot of gain tones covered here, then. - Google Drive


  • FeaturesTwo multi-lingual synthesizers: Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive

  • Includes drivers for all popular Braille displays

  • Convenient OCR feature for image files or inaccessible PDF documents

  • Picture Smart service to recognize images

  • Voice Assistant to issue infrequently used commands

  • Supports PEARL Camera for direct access to print documents or books

  • Built-in free DAISY Player and full set of DAISY-formatted basic training books

  • Works with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and much more

  • Supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016

  • Become more efficient with Skim Reading and Text Analyzer

  • Compatible with ZoomText, Fusion, and OpenBook Scanning and Reading Software

  • Advanced FeaturesJAWS Tandem Center available for free to help with support and training

  • Optional support for Tandem Direct, Citrix, Terminal Services, and Remote Desktop

  • Powerful scripting language to customize the user experience on any application

  • Kiosk support available

Sources familiar with the investigation told CNN the inmate talked of four south Florida men with Arab names, saying they were trying to hire someone to drive an explosives-laden van to Tallahassee to kill the governor.

Tariro Bure is a program lead with extensive experience in launching projects and mobilising resources. She serves in the Climate Champions Finance team as the Strategic Coordinator, where she drives processes and supports initiatives in achieving systems transformation towards a net zero, resilient future.

With 8 years of experience in project leadership, I focus on data collection, data aggregation, data science & urban computing to transform ideas into practice. Academically trained in Economics, Sociology and Public Policy design, I specialize in solving real world problems around deep decarbonisation of transport, informal system change management and digitalisation of transport using data-driven methodologies.

Vassar College is proud to be a Google Apps for Education campus. Google for Education provides our community with email, calendar, drive, and more as an integrated communication and collaboration solution.

Valet parking is available at the Ryman for most shows (excluding Opry at the Ryman) provided by Nissan. To utilize the valet parking please enter the Ryman drive from Fifth Avenue and pull up the valet stand. Cost of parking is $20.00 per car. If you drive a Nissan, valet parking is free. Please note that the valet will be open until approximately one hour after the show ends. 041b061a72


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