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Knottingley Bus Crash

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February 7, 1943

In Memory Of The Eight

Cpl. Herbert Hanson                        992659 RAFVR (33)

A.C.1 Dennis Smollan                    1520153 RAFVR (21)

A.C.1 Albert John James               1555849 RAFVR (21)

Sgt. George Bernard Noble                  648188 RAF (24)

Sgt. James Thomas Tremain          1261299 RAFVR (22)

Sgt. Leonard Granville Moseley       944593 RAFVR (23)

A.C.2 Norman Ward                       1508955 RAFVR (21)

A.C.2 Herbert Larman                    1759180 RAFVR (19)

Pontefract & Castleford Express February 1943

Two RAF buses, which were returning to Snaith after a recreational outing in Pontefract for the staff, were passing through Knottingley when the rear vehicle failed to take the corner near the Town Hall. It crashed into the Vicarage wall, a great part of which was knocked down, and overturned. Most of the occupants were injured, and five were dead when extracted. Three others died in Pontefract General Infirmary.


Members of the local Civil Defence Casualty Services, which include the first-aid post and Ambulance and first-aid parties (under Dr. E. Murphy), with police, soldiers and members of the public were quickly on the scene and rescue work was carried out by means of hand torches and storm lanterns. The emergency door at the rear of the bus was forced open and the injured and dead were gradually removed. The injured men were all treated at the Knottingley First-Aid Post before being taken to the Pontefract General Infirmary where 25 were admitted. Only four of the occupants of the bus escaped injury, including the driver (, but three who were only slightly injured were allowed to return to their station.

Still in the Infirmary, and very ill are;

AC1 James McCann (36)

AC2 Archibald Pyle (33)

Sgt. John Greaves (21)

Sgt. Kenneth W Trott (21)

Sgt. Herbert Carver (20)

LAC George Shaw (28)

LAC James Irwin (35)

AC2 Albert J Bloggs (37)  

AC1 C. Scott   

Others not so ill are:

AC1 J. Gee (66)

AC2 B. Gosling (33)

LAC J. Miller

AC1 R. Daniels

LAC J. Marks


Three patients were transferred to another Yorkshire hospital on Monday, are:

AC2  R. Waring

LAC T. Henderson  

LAC E. Philips


The following were discharged from the Infirmary on Sunday;

LAC C. Swales

F/Sgt. W. Smith

LAC J. Mackenzie

AC2  E Shorie

LAC W. Ashworth  

AC1 W. Weekes

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Plaque In The Memorial Gardens

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