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Your Help Please

your help please

I am looking for a picture of Pilot - P/O William George Bruce RAFVR 159087 from 51 Squadron.
I have the whole crew except him.

Looking for information on Sgt. Raymond Vernon Boyd Service No:1308219 Squadron: 51 Station: RAF Snaith Command: Bomber Command Aircraft Mark: II Aircraft Type: Halifax Aircraft Serial: DT513 Fate: Killed June 28/29, 1943

I am the founder of the 576 Squadron Project and Digital Archive and I am trying to trace one of our pilots about whom we know absolutely nothing except his rank as Flt Lt and his name William 'Bill' Addison - he flew four ops with 576 from 25 Jun to 24 Aug 1945.I am wondering if this could be William Murray Addison who flew with 51 Sqn in 1943? Would you possibly have any contact with his family to whom you could forward this email who may be able to discover the history of one of your fine aircrew?   


Can anyone tell us the date and the area where MH-J crashed. We presume the picture was taken by a German Soldier.

My name is Stefan Kahlen, I am an historian from Germany. I would love to contact some families, who`s ancestors once were part of the RAF, 51. Squadron. If you can find out, WHERE these comrads were born....that would make my research much more easier. The crew of the Halifax II, JD 264 , 51. Squadron started in Snaith and crashed 29. Dec. 1943 near Halle, Germany. The pilot was Andrew Baird. All comrads survived and some I already found. Now am looking for: Navigator Ralph Jones Funker John A. (Jack) Horrell Schütze Charles Mc Wilks Perhaps you can find out, in which country and in which town these three comrads above had been born? That would be most helpful to find their descendants. Thanks in advance for your help, best regards across the Channel! Stefan.

Jim with Canadian Art Bradley (2).jpg

My late father was an RAF  Radar Mechanic and he served with several different squadrons between 1940 and 46. I have his records which are very scrappy and I suspect due to the secrecy of radar at that time this is why.He was moved from squadron to squadron many times sometimes with the (A) attachment.  I know that he was stationed at Driffield in Yorkshire and at Wittering in Lincolnshire.


Squadron 158 did not have the (A) attachment and he seems to have moved back to this over the years.

Apart from this I know little else except the fact that he served with 51 squadron a total of six times at various dates.   and I have a photograph of him with his friend, a Canadian who he named as Art Bradley.

He was part of group 4, Bomber Command,  went to number 3 radio school in March 1943.

I should love to know if his name appears anywhere within the 51 archives and does that of officer Bradley?

His name was James Samuel Middleton RAF number 1116222

I will attach the photo of himself and Art. Art is the man on the right of the picture.


Kind regards


Rowena Clarke

 I am trying to find information about my grandfather, Kenneth Joseph Rice. Whom my mother, his daughter, has told me flew with 51 Squadron during WW2. I have always been lead to believe that he was flight crew on a Lancaster bomber, serving as a flight engineer, and ultimately as bombardier where he received a head wound that took him out of the war. He passed away in 2008, and was never emotionally able to talk of his service history. As such, I have only the myth of him to tell my own children. I would greatly appreciate any help with my fact hunt. Sincerely, Duncan Ewing  

I am trying to find out about my great uncle FO Norman Harry Rounce who flew with 51 squadron during WWII. I met him a few times before he died and apart from saying that he was in bomber command, I know little of his service, where he flew or what he did. The only thing I know which I got from the MOD were which medals he has awarded, we never found his medals when he died, which show which theatres of the war in Europe he flew in How might I find out more? Thank you in anticipation of your help.  Andy Buchan

Currently I am researching 51 Sqdn Whitley Z6657 shotdown over Borkel en Schaft in the Netherlands 12 June 1941. I am in touch with the relatives of Sgt Bradshaw. He told me that P/O P.E.Snyder(RCAF) a pilot was a stand in to gain experience. The original pilot was F/Sgt Herbert Hannay. P/O Snyder was attached to this crew but who was the other crewmember who was attached to this original crew and replaced him??? They went on the 9th trip when Z6657 crashed can you confirm this???  Ad Zantvoort

I m looking for the operational sorties of the Halifax mk 3 MH-Z between 22 April 1944 date that I have for his delivery to the 51 squadron, till his lost on 2 May 1944 when he was shot down by a German night fighter after being part of a bomber formation who has bombed my home town Mechelen ( Malines ) in that night, this for my private research work.   Many thanks beforehand


 Jean-Pierre VANHOOF

Hello, I am Wout Dekkers from the Netherlands Vorden. On the cemetery of Vorden the airmen from the Halifax BB244 are burried. We want to give the names a face. We are searching for history,photo's and the story about the Halifax before he chrashed in Vorden. Can you help.    

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