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Free French

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Resistance poster, 1944. "The French partisans have shed their blood for the people of Paris."

A poster printed during the last days of the Occupation in August 1944, and hung on the walls soon thereafter to celebrate new freedom.

"Silence: the enemy is watching for your secrets."

Vichy France propaganda poster "The English, our good friends,""The Germans take everything we've got," and "We control the seas," and "Vive de Gaulle;"

"Honor and Country, France speaks to you…" The two-barred cross, the Cross of Lorraine, was the symbol of the Free French Forces during German occupation

Save bread

Cut it slice thin and use all crusts for soups

Join the army: "Good work - we are on guard!"

Be a Sailor to keep the empire that your ancestors founded

“Come to us! You will be well received, you will make money.” The second and third bullets at the bottom promise “they offer the best conditions” and “they take care of you after your departure.”

You have the keys to the camp. French workers, you release prisoners by working in Germany

Thanks to those who left for Germany, 250,000 prisoners become free workers

Working in Germany, you will be the ambassador of French quality

French: go to work in Germany. German workers invite you to join them.

Black Market-Crime Against The Cummunity

So long live France

Engage yourself
Re-employing you
In The Metropolitan Troops

The leaders who have been at the head of the French army for many years have formed a government. This government, claiming the defeat of the French army, has met with the enemy in order to put an end to the combat.

It is true that we were overwhelmed by the strength of technical power, both on land and in the air, of the enemy. More than their numbers, it has been the tanks, the planes and the tactics of the Germans that have forced our retreat. It has been the tanks, the planes and the tactics of the Germans that took our leaders by surprise and led them to where they are today. But has the last word been said? Should we give up hope? Is the defeat definitive? No! Believe me, I am speaking knowingly and I say to you that nothing is lost for France. The same means that defeated us can one day help us achieve victory.

For France is not alone! Not alone! Not alone! She has a vast empire behind her. She can make a blockade with the British Empire that rules the seas. Like England, she can utilize without limits the immense industrial capabilities of the United States.

This war is not limited to the unfortunate territory of our own country. This war will not be decided by the battle of France. This is a world war. All the errors, all the delays, all the suffering cannot change the fact that there are, in this universe, all the means necessary to one day crush our enemies. Struck down as we are today by technical forces, we will, in the future, conquer our enemy by an even superior technical force. The fate of the world depends on it.

I, General de Gaulle, from London, call upon the French officers and soldiers who are now on British territory or who would come here, with or without their weapons; I call upon engineers and specialized workers from the weapons industry who are on British territory or who would come here, to please contact me.

Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished.

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