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Anchor 8


Abell Crew


Brooks Crew

Farley Crew


Gardner Crew

Herrald Crew

Lawson Crew

Sgt. G.D. Milne

Red Fox

Ground Crew

Sgt. Ray Slann

F/O Hubert H. Wastell

Sgt. Ken Batten

Blyth Crew

Sgt. S. Busby

Sgt. Bill Chambers

Football Team

Frear Crew

George Crew

Sgt. David Glassman

Hopkins Crew


Johnson Crew

MacKenzie Crew

Sgt. Marlow

F/O Stanley V. Pearce


Sgt. Ned Richardson 

W/C Stewart Robertson

W/O George G. Booth

F/Sgt. N.A. Chappell

P/O P. Galan

Sgt. Johnny Hepburn

Kemp Crew

P/O L. McClelland

Red Fox Crew

P/O Clifford Russell

Sqdn. Leaders & Pilots

Sgt. Sam Tait

F/O G. Taverner

P/O Jack White

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